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Social Responsibility Efforts

Our company was founded during the global pandemic itself, which was the major shock for most of us. We wanted to bring the love for aviation closer to those who love to fly, but didnt know when was the next time they would be able to do it. Our love for our community and sense of the responsibility has been a part of our identity back then and continues to be today.

Every day, we are looking for opportunities to be a better part of our community and contribute in the best way possible. Our vegan leather line was inspired by our love for animals, and our plan is to transform into fully vegan brand the moment it is possible for us. We also donate a portion of all your purchases to Environment and Climate Change Fund by Pledge, so that every item sold has an impact.

However, our responsibility does not end with our products, and we respond to the events and trends in our surrounding and world in general. With recent war in Europe, it came to our attention that there is a large number of forgotten victims of the waranimals. With our team members being especially fond of stray dogs and cats, personally being involved in animal rescues and donating to needs of stray animals around the world, we knew we had to do something as a company as well. We all agreed that we want to donate a portion of our profits from March 5thuntil March 25thto the organization that aids strays and abandoned animals in high-risk areas.

We came across IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, which continues to help animals around the world, regardless of which country they are in. IFAW recently deployed its operations to Ukraine and has been rescuing, feeding, and sheltering animals in need, as well as providing help to local communities that care for animals. With a large portion of their efforts shifted towards war- affected areas, they continue to operate around the world as well, making sure they save as many lives as possible. However, with their help being needed in more places, they are also needing more funding than ever, and we have decided to donate 10% of all our profits during the aforementioned time period to help their efforts in areas that need help the most.

Thanks to your purchases and support of our business, we were able to donate over $600 to IFAW, and while this is a small sum of money on a large scale, we are happy that as a small business, we were able to contribute. This was our first monetary donation of a kind, and in coming years, we only hope to be able to donate exponentially more and help make world a better place.

Sincerely, FLEVEL Team